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New Gibson Cat Back Exhaust


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Phoenix, Az
Bought this awhile back. Not gonna work for me though I went a different route. Im in Phoenix right now however I am moving to New Port/Costa Mesa on Sunday the 15th which means I will be driving through many of ya'lls area and can meet up. Cost 275 new Im looking to get 150$ to help with my move



Box contains:

1 - SuperFlow Muffler
1 - 2.5" overaxle tailpipe
1 -3" Stainless tip
1 - rear muffler hanger
1 - 2.25" clamp
1 - 2.5 clamp


I would be very interested in this and I am not too far from newport so lets try and work something out I am also in now hurry so its not like I would need you to swing by on sunday we can work something out so you wont have to make an extra stop while youre moving on sunday
Great Ill keep in touch. Theres one guy that Pm'd me first though so if he bails its yours. My first day at work is wednesday so monday or tuesday will work.
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For sure let me know I appreciate it you can pm for quickest response I probably won't check this thread often enough
But keep me informed thanks
Lol as soon as he said someone pmd him before me I was like if it was Mike I am gonna flip lol he gets all the good stuff
Hate to say this but glad you dont have any money right now :D
PM sent