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New fuel line for Renix


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Hi jeep people
So I put some 746's in and had a hard time with the fuel line quick connect leaking. It was leaking from the crimp on the hose not the connection. I went to the junkyard and got 2 of the same connection and spliced the hose with a brass barbed coupling. Both of the connectors from the junkyard leak in the same way. I found if you position them right they won't leak so currently ok.

I don't like this setup! Seems like a fire waiting to happen. What is the best way of connecting to the rail nylon like the HO's? I don't want to pay $100 for the tool.. Brake line?
Yeah they leak from the seam. No leak if you position them right it is fine for the moment. I was surprised all 3 leak the same way though.

My question is what's the best way to adapt the rail to something other than rubber line?
My question is what's the best way to adapt the rail to something other than rubber line?
Where the push on fitting attaches to the fuel rails is 5/16 or 3/8 tube, depending on supply or return. Same with down under the floor next to the brake lines. Anywhere you have 5/16 or 3/8 hardline, you can adapt to -6 using
these , up to about 100psi. I cut off before the shoulder with a small pipe cutter for a tighter fit They work great.
Verify your own parts, I accidentally linked the -8, and cheaper options are available. You want -6. But you get the point.
Thank goodness for old threads. pulling the hard and soft line off a LWB MJ to take to Hose Man, etc. looks like a PITA. The hard line has extra bends in it to accommodate the additional crossmember mounting mounts.

Went to pick a part after the Softline off of an XJ today...but it was gone. Was going to attempt the same thing as the OP.

Thanks XCM. And yes, -6
The most straight forward method utilizes the factory quick connects. Ive done both the front and the rear flex lines.

I am definitely leaning towards the an fittings. Right now the only problem I have is the return line. I noticed you used the line with the braided Steel. Any problem with the bend on the return line going down towards the hard line?

I have everything in my cart right now. The line is a combination of nylon braid and stainless steel internally, or more accurately molded into the line. And of course I have a roll of 3/4 id heat shield sitting in the cart as well. I was reading several reviews on the hose with, as I recall PTFE how's the inner component. Thinking of the internal component was a issue. Not sure if Bends will be that severe but I think I'll just avoid it. I attract problems like a magnet.

ETA: because mine is renix, I will be sticking with the OEM configuration on the supply line because of the location of the pressure regulator.
The hose ends are available in all kinds of angle options.
The hose ends are available in all kinds of angle options.

Went ahead and ordered all my parts. Didn't go with the quick disconnect flavor, just the threadedx2 6AN. Except of course, the compression for the hardline. I did get the 45* fitting for down by the frame rail.

I'll be glad to finally get the truck back on the road .It all started with hauling several loads of pavers; 2000 to 2400 lbs. ea. All with a failed tranny mount I wasn't aware of at the time. "While I'm in there..." kind of prolonged things too. :D