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New ARB Parts


NAXJA Forum User
Just got this stuff from ARB yesterday. Need to sale it. It is all new, just in the bags.

Bulk Head Fitting Kit-NEW I have 5 of them- $10.00

Air Compressor Solenoid-NEW -$35.00

Air Compressor Pressure Switch-NEW- $25.00

Air Compressor Wiring Kit-NEW- $35.00

Just don't need the extra parts. Must sale. Great to get to have extras.

Located in Philly, PA.
Will ship, buyer pays shipping cost. Cost to ship is $5.00. UPS ground.
Extra Parts

Everyone has had a ARB part fail at one point in time, these are new replacement parts. ARB sent me two much, so I need to get rid of it all. Prices are cheaper anywhere else. Juice

Compressor Switch wiring kit is sold, another bulk head fitting is sold as well.

So there is three bulk head fitting kits left.
The Solenoid is still for sale.