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Need to know quickly, Axle ???

Big Hank

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Don't jump my case to badly, I am helpin a buddy with some axle issues on his TJ. He is removing a trashed out Warn free float kit on the D35. I have my stock D35 parts from the MJ. We want to just use my internals in my axle. It appears the end of the axle tubes are a different O.D. I was wanting to make sure the axles shafts are the same diameter before i go tearing into my D35. Is there any difference in an MJ axle shaft and any other D35. It appears from the outside that the MJ is beefed at the outer bearing. Also, just realized. The TJ had the D35c originaly. So is there an difference in the housings.

Thanks, Gene MJ
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its a regular d35. i am researching it currently and finding out that most internals are different. i was hopeing to just find the correct size bearing at the end of the housing and then using my mj stuff.

The MJ has a non-c-clip axle while the TJ has c-clips. This means different bearings in the housing ends.