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Need front driveshaft cardan-joint BOLT


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Berthoud, CO
I took my shaft out in the dark and set the bolts on top of my hood, then went to pick up my wife! About a half mile down the road I realized my mistake! I'm lucky it was just one bolt that went missing. Anywho...

I am in need of...

One bolt for the cardan-joint (the largest of the bolts on the front driveshaft)

Anybody have an extra kicking around? I'm in Lyons, but would be glad to travel to Boulder, or pay for the shipping.
Just pick up a 5/16 x24 bolt to replace it about 1-1.25 long . Could just take one of your bolts with you to the hardware store or the auto parts store they should have some grade 5 and 8 bolts as well . I have grade 8 bolts in my cardan not the factory bolts I lost those after not checking the shaft and my cardan cane loose and blew itself up bolts were MIA .