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Need advise, rear disc KJ or ZJ


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Ottawa Canada
Here is the situation. I want to get some rear disc. The local bone yards dont have a good supplies of ZJ rear caliper brakets and the ones that do wants 75$ each and I have to pull it off my self. So I figure I should find a ZJ at around 400$ and take the parts I need (brakes and front DS) and scrap the rest.

Now I possibly found a ZJ but I also found a KJ 8.25 with discs, 3.73 and trac lok for 200$. The problem is that there one side missing. A full set of KJ brakes at the dealer would run about 900$. So I could get the parts I need at for +-350$. Plus I could use the LSD in my 3.55.

What would you do.
front DS? is that somehow related to your rear disc quest?
Dude. Buy the KJ axle (assuming you want 3.73 gears and both mounting brackets are intact) and pick up remanufactured calipers for both sides (keep it even) and have done with it. Make sure and get the parking brake cables, too - modding the ZJ cables is a PITA.