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NAXJA Event Runs


Only Marble Sharp
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The plan is at least three Official runs.
Runs will line up in the open area just to the North of the campground and depart ~9:00 am.

I will update this thread as required.

Doran loop:
One heading up Doran and down Odessa, with Gate Keeper option.
One heading up Odessa and down Doran.
These two runs will meet up for lunch and exploration at Bismarck Mine.

Probably Mule Canyon and other areas at the discretion of the run Leader.

If warranted
Deadline for ordering event shirts/hoodies is Saturday 4/13, 11:59 p.m.
There will be no Official Scenic run.
Unfortunately, I didn't take any. Spent too much time with a strap, shovel, or both.

Wait...I did take this one. It was a special request.


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