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NAPA Filters cheap!


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Turlock, CA
Just thought I'd throw it out there... NAPA has all their filters on sale this month (March) at 40% off. I'm pretty sure it's a system wide thing and not just my local store. I picked up a few NAPA Gold Oil Filters at $4.01 each, way cheaper than the Fram TG's I've decided to stop using. No ties to NAPA, just passing it along to any NAPA/Wix users out there.
The local NAPA still wants $7 and change for the NAPA Gold/Wix FIL1085- which is $4.01 on the website. Said they don't show a sale or anything, and "couldn't find it on the website", but let me buy it for $4.10 + tax. Watch the prices when you pay. Saved a few bucks, so it was worth a few minutes wait, but what sort of counter guy can't find a filter on their website or computer when they've got the brand and part number in inch tall print on a box in front of him...
Half the people that work at parts stores dont know their butt from their elbow
FYI Only Corporate owned NAPA stores are required to participate in the sales, privately owned stores are free to opt in or out. The majority of NAPA stores are privately owned, but some of the larger stores may participate in the sale. The reason for smaller stores not participating is the majority of sale prices NAPA sets are actually below the cost to the store for the item. When the store owner re-orders the product they get it at a reduced cost, but many of the lower volume stores don't sell enough to re-order in time to take advantage of the sale price so they end up losing money.