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Nacfest 2022. SAVE THE DATE!


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Malaga NJ
Hey everyone we are solid for Nacfest 2022 as to the date. It will be from June 16th-19th, wheeling Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, (optional Sunday for those who want to).
Twin Grove Campground is our home base, as usual, and we already have the same pavilion booked for dinner, so, like rocktoberfest, this date is solid. Make sure you have camping accommodations early, you know how difficult it can be to get a reservation there!
More details to come!
Reserved my cabin about 5 minutes ago.
im coming
im coming booked
I'd like to add a bit here if I may.
If you prefer to pay at the event, great, we can accommodate that.
If you plan on coming, PLEASE take a moment to fill out the pre-registration!!!!
With rising costs all around, we cannot just afford to take peoples word that they are coming. There is actual work behind the scenes to ensure we have enough to feed everyone on Saturday, have enough shirts for any that want them, etc.....
We are running a slim budget, so what I'm getting at is that if you so choose to not register and pay up front, I (that's me, President Rich), am not going to guarantee that there will be food and/or a shirt unless you do so.
It is unfair to the club and the people who put their effort into the event to expect otherwise. In the big scheme of things, our event fees are cheap. How many other events have you been to where there is a dinner at all? How many have you been to where someone drops off free firewood for the nightly get together? Few, if any, I'd bet. Please do us a favor and make your commitment to the event real, or there may not be another .