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my fuel pump


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After a great day of fun playin' in the mud, my jeep started running like crap on the drive home. It would stumble on acceleration, take forever to start up, and occasionally drop it's idle to 300 rpm's. Instead of throwing parts at it I actually took some time to diagnose the problem. Turned out to be the fuel pump. I thought I was going to have to buy a new one, but was amazed at what I found when I pulled the pump. The positive lead to the pump was not attached, it was merely resting against the contact. Also, the clamp for the hose was not tightened, and was resting loose around the base. The hose itself was not even close to a snug fit on the nipple. It seems the last time the pump was replaced the moron who owned the jeep did a half-assed job putting it back together. They didn't even get the gasket ring on well enough to keep the fuel from dripping when the tank was full. So when I went to play in the mud, I bounced the tank off the ground, and the pump stopped working. Now I have everything cleaned out, the pump is back in, and the JEEP DRIVES BEAUTIFULLY! I can't explain how good that feels after weeks of frustration trying to figure it out, and now I can drive again. So.....Anybody else have a fun story about a simple problem, that ends up being a PAIN to fix/diagnose? OR bought a jeep, and then later found out that the seller did something incredibly hair-brained to the poor thing? STORIES! I know there's some good ones, let's hear 'em!

THIS is my jeep. It's bone-stock, but still a lot of fun!!
The only story i have is one of furstration and laughter. So I decided i was gonna replace my fuel pump because it was making an loud humming noise all the time and i was like this can't be good, so i craw under the jeep after taking all the pressure out of the fuel system, start undoing one of the straps and get ready to start the other one. Well the nut was a different size on my right strap then my left, so i was like okay this means its been changed before and someone either lost the nut and replaced the rod or something, so this was amusing. I drop the tank down completly, change the fuel filter as well, put the new pump install the seal and put it back up with the two different sized nuts. Get in the jeep turn the key, i can hear the pump turn on, everything should be good now. I turn it over and nothing :mad: . So i struggle with the problem for a bit i keep wondering why won't it start, i spend about an hour messing with just about everything and still nothing :doh: . I take a quick break, walk down to a parts store from where i live, walk back with a fuel pressure checker, hook it up and it reads negitive pressure, and then the clouds clear and the sun appears, you dumbass you wired it backwards:scared: . So i drop the tank back down hook it up the way it should be, reinstall everything again, turn the key let the system pressurize and turn it over, started the first time. I never felt so stupid for spending a couple hours and accidently wiring a fuel pump to suck fuel back into the gas tank instead of pumping it to the engine. Needless to say i know how to wire a 91xj fuel pump for sure LOL.

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