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Muffler Recommendations


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I am looking for muffler recommendations. Specifically, I am looking for a quiet muffler, that also does not rob the limited power these squirrels put out.

On my stroker I just used a 2-1/2" in/2-1/2" out but I don't know what application it came from!
In my own opinion, both me and my brother spent a little extra and put on stainless steel headers from front all the way out the back. He went with the Banks brand and his has a constant roar to it, and I went withe the Borla and I love the deep-throated roar that increases the further you stop it. Yes, it will cost you, but it gives something like an 18% increase in horsepower just letting it breath easier, and you can undoubtedly feel it in the footpedal.
I'm not looking for loud. As the post said, I am looking for a quiet muffler that won't rob horsepower. No one has a quiet muffler that works well?
You can't have it both ways. In order to quiet it down you must restrict flow. Restricted flow means reduced power. Just imagine what it would take to quiet down a Top Fuel dragster.

If you are aiming for less noise you are probably best off with a "turbo" style muffler. These are readily available, probably from multiple brands and in either aluminized or stainless. Note that they tend to be thinner sheet metal. This means they don't hold up as well to being dragged over the rocks. But I cannot think of any muffler that is made of thicker steel and designed to be more quiet.
I put Borla cat-backs on my 88XJ & 00XJ and couldn't be happier. Likewise, I installed stainless steel headers on my 88XJ.

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