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Motor questions


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My 95 Xj has 166,xxx miles on it, but it runs like new. How much more life can I expect out of this motor? How much does a decent rebuild cost? and how many more miles will a rebuild get me?

Thanks in advance
If you do regular maintance, and don't drive it like its a race car. You'll get up into and maybe over 225,000. I drove mine until 223,400, and it was still in pretty good shape but needed a bottom end rebuild. I don't know about rebuilding it as far as cost, but I got my rebuilt long block for $1024.00 plus 175.00 for shipping. Hope that helps. Juice
I'm at 236,000+ on my '88 and I still get 23 MPG highway and don't use oil between changes. Oil pressure is starting to face but running 5W50 Castrol synthetic I'm well within spec. I should have no problem going over 250,000 -- at that point I'll eveluate if I want to bother refreshing the rod bearings.

CheapXJ is over 300k on his. Yours is barely broken in.