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Motor mounts??????


NAXJA Forum User
Wilmington, NC
I just replaced the driver side motor mount two weeks ago. Bought it at Auto Zone. Today I was rolling about a half a mile an hour in reverse and slid it into park and POW!!!!!! She smashed that rubber mount into three pieces.
Is this common?
Do I need to upgrade to urethane(spelling?????)?
Did I get a bunk a$$ mount?
They are lifetime warranty but the labor, my labor, isn't.
Who's got the good ones and how much?
First of all, post this in only ONE forum please, that way, you won't irritate most of us.

Secondly, you got a bad mount. IMHO, no need to go poly.

Third, if you haven't, change the trans mount as well.
I use M.O.R.E. Motor mounts, they cost about 120.00. Bomb proof as hell and will never fail. Or go the cheap way with Autozone. But anytime you do motor mounts, it's a good idea to do the trans. MORE has that as well. Good day, Juice