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Motor Locked Up??!!


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I have some friends with a 89XJ laredo, they are having problems with this thing and it's becomming a regular issue (always in the shop).

They don't wheel this and it is driven by the 18yr old daughter who does not hot rod it but when it runs she drives the s**t out of it.

They called me last nite to tell me that a mechanic told them the motor was locked up and I said that it's pretty rare for these things but can happen. I also told them to make sure the battery had a full charge and see if it would crank, if it cranked then it wasn't "locked up".

My question is this:

Where is the crank position sensor on the 89XJ's and assuming you have fuel, fire, and compression what else could be causing it not to start?

They had this problem once before and there was an electrical issue in the steering column but that has since been resolved.

Thanks for your help, I am sure the graduating senior appreciates it as well.

the CPS is on the upper drivers side of the bell housing tucked in there, you can see the wires going down to it if you look at the very back side of the intake manifold. As for it being locked up why don't they try to turn the motor by hand at the crank? if it still does'nt turn with the plugs out i'd say its seized but definately check everything else first.

Even locked up is relative, just found a mint 95YJ with 30K on it, garage kept, dad gave it to his son and his son changed the oil, forget to put the new oil in and seized the motor. They got a quote of $4K for a new motor. Got it for $500...been sitting in a garage for two years.
Hoping we can just run the oil pump to pressurize the system, dump some marvel in the cylinders and let them sit for a day or two, spin it by hand then see what happens.
Maybe pull the head and use a sledge and 3" diameter dowel. we'll see. If worse comes to worse a new short block.
Haven't gotten it back from the mechanic yet to see if he is yankin their chain or not...

thought I would ask the opinions of the "experts" here first.

I know there is a CPS just didn't know where or how to check it.