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Mopar Performance Plug Wires


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Lynnwood, WA
I checked at the dealer last week for Mopar Performance plug wires for my 4.0 '87 and they don't have a listing for the Renix years. They list them for '91 and up to 200? I bought the regular OEM ones that many seem to think are great, but they don't appear to be as robust as the NAPA premium wires that go for a few bucks less. Does anyone know if there really is a Mopar Performance wire set for the earlier years? Having never looked at newer XJ, I'm guessing that the coil wire may be the only difference.
There is a set for the 87 - 90( I have them) and probably the only difference is the coil wire. I don't have the MP part number - it was in the earlier MP catalogs; its not in the 2002 MP cat. Maybe somebody has the earlier cat or number?
The coil wire is the only difference, and it never made sense to me why they didn't just use a universal coil wire, or package the set with two coil wires and have just one set for all years. But that would be too logical.

I was told by a Jeep tech friend who has an '88 that the early performance wires are part number P4876549. I hope that's correct because I just ordered two sets. List price is $38.50.
I may have misunderstood my parts guy -- $38.50 may be the trade price rather than the end user price. Sorry for the confusion.

$51 is still quite a bit cheaper than the MagnaCores, though. I think they're about $75 per set.
Personally, I'd spend $50 for the Magnecor 8mm before I bought anything from the "stealership". I replaced the Jacobs 8.5mm with the Magnecor 8mm and there was no discernible difference. Plus the Magnecor's haven't started to discolor like the Jacobs....yet.