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Moonlight Madness


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Did anyone go to the Clovis Independent Moonlight Madness run besides FarmerMatt and I?? It was a blast! Hey Matt, what was wrong with that bronco at about 1???
It's a Ford thing... You wouldn't understand.

When are you talking about. Was it when we were all parked by 2 step just below check point 3? We were just messing around & trying to convince all the jeeps to try it. I made it & one bronco with us made it & only one toyota did. It was lots of fun watching people try though. You should have stuck around posi hill & watched the hummer try. That was really amusing. Give me a call when the arms come in.

I wasnt at Midnight Madness, but I went up to Spanish Lakes, so I was in the area. The lakes were pretty nice if you could find them. The trail is rather easy although my new eletric fan went up in smoke, and my buddy bruned his a/c compressor up and cracked a spring hanger. Since I am on the topic would you reccomend getting the fan replaced if its still under waranty or would you put the stock one back in with the GDI 3-core? One last question how come I can not login with my user name and password? I'm no longer a guest.
Bald be da place. Every year a local club puts on this event. They limit out on rigs at 100. They start at about 7:00 pm & run till they get back to camp. It's called moonlight madness. We normally go up & play during the day than go out the back way at night, sit at the "tuff" spots & watch the drunk red necks egg each other on to see who the first one is to roll. Lots of fun.