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MOOG steering stabilizers

Ted Young

NAXJA Forum User
Has anyone run the MOOG Trail Boss or Super Trail Boss steering stabilizers on their XJs here? If so, which did you buy and how did you like it?

I'm thinking of buying the SSD56 Trail Boss. I'll be running 33x10.50 BFG MTs on 15x7 wheels with 5.5" of lift.

The rusty stabilizer on my '90 still has the Chrysler pentstar logo on it.
Just get the cheapest stabalizer you can get, stock (or nothing) works fine if your steering is is good shape and in alignment. I still have the stock one on my TJ with 35s and 100,000 miles.
If you do a lot of trail riding (or drive on the roads in Indiana) a good steering shock can help prevent the wheel from jerking out of your hands when you hit a bump with only one tire. On the highway it may not matter, but on the farm trails I drive my stabilizer gets a workout. I have used the Trail Boss on other 4X4's with good results. I installed several of them on customers trucks and never had a complaint.
Thanks for the replies. I've always trusted the MOOG name so I figured their Trail Boss OEM style stabilizer would be a good bet.