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Moab Planning...Please read and volunteer!



Now that the Colorado is about over, it is time to turn our attention to planning the Moab trip.
I have Mil (GRNT) taking care of the trails. Contact him if you would like to help.
Mike G. (Mike in NJ) is our safety czar. I'm sure he will need help with the safety inspections.
I need some volunteers to help register the folks at the campground and help sell raffle tickets at the same time. If we get enough volunteers we can spread out the load. I will need some help in the morning before the trail runs and then in the evening.
I need some help with the Wednesday unofficial hamburger fry. Beezil has already offered his help but we need some more.
The biggest thing I need is for people to contact their local 4x4 shops and see if they will donate items for the raffle. NAXJA relies VERY MUCH on the profits from the Moab raffle to help fund our web site and we also give a generous donation to a local 4x4 organization like UFWDA, USAA, etc. These are the folks who are fighting to keep our trails open.
Before contacting any national company please check with me and I'm coordinating with Heather (Kudzu) who is our raffle czar. We have already sent letters to over 30 companies. Its the local 4x4 shops that we need volunteers to contact. these folks are usually VERY generous. BFG and ARB have already donated! :)
This is YOUR Moab trip. We need your help to make it a success. Thank you, Danno
Danno, you can count on me.

I will be ready for whatever you throw at me campsite-wise (registration, kitchen help, and whatnot, even safety stuff). With the other issues (sponsoring and so) I feel I cannot really help.

I will be hitching a ride with Mike again so I will be on location Friday afternoon.

Seeya, Hagen
Count me in too

Hey Dan, I can help out too. We will be getting there the day before, so just tell me where to stand!
RTI Ramp available for use by 4WD groups - 4WM.org

If the group would like to utilize the "RAMPIT" 30 degree custom RTI ramp that is owned by the 4Wheeling Museum of Moab Utah, please have someone from the group contact me either at 435 259-4400 or email [email protected] - we're developing the museum at a small 'starter' location down town - 40N100W, with plans to establish a large facility in the following years. If this would be of interest to the group to be available for use during the raffle night let us know so we can help coordinate getting it on a trailer to Slickrock if that would work out. In the past we have had a group take it to the Portal campground for their event, I'm not sure if there would be room at Slickrock, but there may be something that could be worked out.

Best Regards,
Kendra Cook
re: 4Wheeling Museum
also publisher/ KII Automotive Group

PS - fyi there is an article about the museum in the most recent United Voice if anyone is interested
Kendra Cook?! :shock: My word, it's been a long time now, hasn't it? :D

I see you're still with the KII Automotive Group. Are you still performing forum admin duties on the VMag forums? I read about the museum in the United Voice and it looks like a very good idea. Keep up the great work and maybe we'll meet in Moab this October during NAXJA's Fall Fling.

Jeni....thanks for offering to help!

I can really use some help with registration. Thanks!
I'm still laughing at that one Beezil :lol: Those were the days. Two days to load the page and another two days to post a response.
Hey Danno,

have a little idea....

Can you post a "list of things to do?"

Maybe if folks see the individual tasks that need someone to head or help with, maybe that will spur on some good energy....

i think lots of people want to help, they just don't know what is needed.....

whattya think?
Danno, about the bbq......

All I really need is to find out the menu, I can arrange the "kitchen" and my buddy Chewy is a BBQ master.....I *should* have some time to make up some kind of portable grill.....I can handle the moab market shopping trip, and doin the food.....if other folks want to help, what could be real cool would some various homemade sidedishes, or something simple than can be whipped up...I know you guys did this last year, a brief description of what it entailed would be helpful, just to make sure I know what kind of act I'm following.....don't want anyone saying "last year was better".
Hey Danno,

I like Beez's idea about a list. I'd like to volunteer for something. I have alot of family attending, so I need to see something not super time consuming but I would like to help out somehow. I also was wondering about registration as far as my family members goes as my dad and his wife have a zj and would like to do a couple of scenic runs with the group. Any help is appreciated so I can get registered.
barbque at Moab

I put on the barbque last year. I did Hamburgers with chips and condiments. Some people brought some side dishs also. I did do turkey burgers and Boca burgers as some folks liked vegetarion. I was able to pick up everything at the City Market. I will be happy to help you. I didn't want to take on the whole thing this year. I will have my washer tub with a grill on top that can be used along with a propane barbque as well.
We did it by my motorhome last year by the cabins. The reason was to allow those coming in to register since it was Wendsday evening that we did the barbque.
If you have any other questions feel free to email me.
[email protected]
Oh, Okay, so should I still plan on briging some kind of cooktop? or can you help out in that area? either way, no biggie...

sothe BBQ is not crazy-fancy, just a good all-around simple dog and burger affair....cool, i can handle that no problem.

consider the BBQ event a non-issue, taken care of.
Last year

If it's going to be a hassle for you to bring then don't worry about it. I had a cheesy cooktop last year. We can use multiple barbques that will be there and the tub with a grill on top and should be fine. We served about 75 to 100 burgers last year. I'll definitly help you cook for this as that was the difficult part last year just keeping up with the cooking. I think dogs would be a good idea this year also.
I'm going to try and get set up in the same site that I've had the last two years as it seems to be very handy. It's right in front of the cabins and seems to be a good place to gather and I can run lights off of the motor home to light up the area. The campsite next to mine was open and we used that for the eating gathering area.Only problem last year was the late nite working on vehicles since I had all the tools etc. The wife finally said no more work when Ray Pili was still banging on something in the vise on the back of the motorhome at 11:30p.m. and our bed is right there. I guess I'll have to make a kerfew on the work shop this year. I may try and reserve that site next to mine this year also. don't know if I want to pay a whole week on it though.