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MOAB & Elephant Hill Trail- Overnight Aug 6-7


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Ogden, UT
Hey Guys!

Mikal and his wife, as well as myself will be heading down to MOAB, UT at the butt-crack-o-dawn Wednesday August 6th from Ogden. We are planning to do 2 trails, Elephant Hill and something else. I'll post more info on Elephant Hill later when I read about it in our guide. The other trail is TBA.

We plan to spend Wednesday night camping midway thru Elephant Hill.

It will be a fairly tame relaxing trip. The scenery is supposedly beautiful. Hey Mike, post your thoughts plz.

ANYBODY is welcome to join us! In fact, we would LOVE TO MEET MORE OF YOU GUYS! PLEASE COME! Yeah, I know, short notice. But get a spine! Stand up to your boss! You deserve those days off and he knows it! Heck, mbryson doesn't have a boss to yell at! So he doesn't even have an excuse. I guess we'll see ya there!

Shut up Jared! (that's me, btw)
Did I mention that Mikal, Jani, and Jared (myself) all nice, easy going, wonderful, helpful people. That's right, we would be a real joy to travel/wheel/camp with.

Plus, you all need to see my new HUGE, homebrew roof rack!
What Jared said is true. His roof rack is HUGE!
:dunno: I'm thinking! I'm thinking!
What's your definition of "butt-crack-o-dawn"?
When's the planned return home on Thursday?
PS Are kids welcome?
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My wife and I might be spending Tuesday night in Orem and heading down from there. We don't really have any set times for leaving or coming back. Jared has to be back for work Friday, but Jani and I might be staying longer. Everyone is welcome to come. Elephant hill is probably a good trail for kids. We don't have reservations, but we're hoping we can camp at Devil's Kitchen.
Very much rockcrawling?
I'm short a T-case skidplate right now.
This trail tame enough for me just to see Moab with my 3 year old? I've never been there.
If it gives you an idea of the difficulty expected, Jared isn't taking his Bronco II. He's planning on driving his budget boosted xj. It might have 30" tires on before we leave. A think it wouldn't be bad for a 3 year old. Our guide book rates it difficult, but I took a stock xj through it with zero experience and no body damage.
Our last trip to Moab included a trip through Pritchett. This trip we planned on doing easier scenic trails, although we didn't plan on Pritchett last time either. :)
It's official, I'm so there.
Will be bringing my 3 year old with me.
Keep me posted on what's up.
Have to play choo choo to Helper on Monday, but will be back late Mon. night/early Tues. morning. I'll look then.
PS Got the steaks!
Dan, you da man!

Way to step up to the plate and bribe us with free steaks! Of course you're welcome to come.

In fact everyone is welcome, even 3 year olds. I'll bring the potato salad and oreos!

Oh, and the t-case skid plate wouldn't worry me too much. You ought to be able to do anything my budget boosted rig can do, given that you have 8" and 33's!

Let's caravan down!
We made it!

Well, we're home. What a good time, wish more of you could have made it. Camping was great, scenery was beautiful, and the trails were wonderful.

This was exactly what I was needing. I literally had cobwebs on my t-case shifter and was in need of a trip to get familiar with my XJ. Been drivin my Bronco II for too long. All I can say now is, "Never underestimate the power of a budget boost."

Here are some pics, they are pretty nice.