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misc XJ parts - doors, control arms, motor mounts


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Longmont, CO
Cleaning out the garage and came across some stuff I don't need anymore:

Rubicon express LCA's - $50

2 front passenger doors and one rear driver-side door. One has glass and a regulator/motor assembly - not sure if it works, but the glass is good. $30 each, $40 for the one with glass

Brand new, unopened front-driver's side window regulator/motor - $50

Factory replacement motor mounts - $5 each

New, un-sprayed can of patriot blue touch up paint - $5

Napa trans cooler line, never opened - $20

1.25" wheel spacers - $50

Brand new flexplate from rockauto - $15

Craigslist post with pics

Also have a box of miscellaneous brackets, bolts, center caps, and random parts if someone wants it - otherwise it's going in the trash.
Who makes the wheel spacers? Kind of wanting to mock up what she will look like with wider rims/ better backspacing
Gotchya.. Im gonna have to look in to how they will fit with my lock out hubs, ill get back to ya boss