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hey heather, could you send all the membership info to me please?
[email protected]

Thanks, Greddy
He's already done an application...

You should have the info soon I will get with Tim about it and see if he has recieved it yet...
Thanks Kudzu. I was hoping to make the xj run this year, but once again the old jeep isn't ready. Main problem now, is a blown front axle seal. Have fun, definately going next year.

I've got a question, right now I'm in Maine and in Jan I move to Jax, FL, if I join the NE Chapter is the membership transferable or should I wait until I get down south?
Memberships are for NAXJA as a whole. You can hang out/'wheel with any chapter you like. Chapters have no extra dues or fees,they are just another benifit of being a NAXJA member! :D
Thank you. Next question.

How is payment made? CC, MO, Check, Cash