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Member raffle


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In the past we've given away a winch, yeti coolers, RCV shafts, and other things in a pre-registered member giveaway. Ultimately the BOD will have the final say in what we purchase, if the decision is made to purchase something.

I'd like to hear from those in here, what would be a cool giveaway item.

Let's say approximately a $500 item or items.

Throw some ideas out there.

I'll go first and I'm probably breaking the $500 limit...but let's dream.

A roof top tent.

mac 'last year my dream of RCVs to give away came true' gyvr
Am I correct that for any raffle item the member must be present to win?

Yes and pre-registered.

This is true for the "members raffle" item only correct? Not the rest of the event raffle items. With the event raffle items you just need to be present and buy tickets I think.
Any NAXJA vendors sell a setup?

mac 'we could see if we can get a deal' gyvr
I think Iro sells a complete setup that's supposed to run air tools even iirc.

Here it is:

Forgot about it until now but I wanted to get rid of my Homebrew setup in favor of this possibly a while back and never did.
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I like it. Other thoughts? Anything we want to add to it (dreaming)?

I know that Josh would give us a deal on it.
Air locker would be awesome.

Throw in a set of Oasis deflators and a heavy duty tire repair kit and I think that would be a great package.