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Measuring Angles Qs , Vibes after 2"


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Before everyone tells me to use the search function , i have and all i found is stuff regarding the results of the measurement, and what to do.

My question is how does one actually get a measurement of the slip yoke ? The slip yoke has no flat side on top ? And the axle pinion has nothing flat either ? I am guessing for the driveshaft it would be on the top of it ??

Basically i added a front spacer and a full 2" AAL in the rear. In general the ride has become nicer in my opinion, but i get a vibe with extremly slow and hard accels . I can feel the vibe especially under the driver seet and when my hand is resting on the center console like a small vibe.

When i first said this - everyones response was to grease my slip yoke and replace the rear u-joints. Since then i have reaplcedthe rear u joints with spicer 153 ones and greased the slip yoke. And the vibes still exist.

After all the reading i have done i have to the conclusion this can be caused by a few more things such as 1) spring wrap (may need to add a spring clamp to the rear side ) 2) front driveshaft (will remove this weekend
) 3) angles ?

Anyway feedback is great.

Measuring the shaft and yoke angles is best done directly from the caps of the u-joint. There are angle guages that have a magnetic base that is made to stick to the cap. Other than that, just use a basic angle finder and hold it against the yoke surface where the clips retain the cap for the u-joint.
sometimes its hard to get a good reading on the t-case yoke because of wobble or not enough flat surface.
you can hold the gauge against any 90º surface on the transfer case. use the fill plug, or the area for the front output bearing. it doesn't have to be the yoke. just a like surface. same goes for the diff. you can use the cover bolts
The easiest place to measure the transfercase output shaft is the top of the valve cover, which is parallel to the crankshaft as well as all transmission and transfercase shafts.

For the pinion, clean of the face of the circle cast on either side of your rear differential cover and measure from there. I believe that area is used to index the casting for the initial machining, so it should be perpendicular to the pinion shaft.

Do the driveshaft as you mentioned.