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maybe getting yukons.. what joints


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North Central KS
I am looking at getting a set of yukon shafts for the front. From those of you who have ran them what where your impressions?

What joints should I run? If I run stock spicer 760s are they going to just break and ruin the shafts? Worth it to go longfields or something like that?

This rig is mostly trail but does get driven highway some, will the bronze bushings in longfields hold up to road use?

89 XJ, swapping in 4.10 ratio non-disco front with Lockright and a Scout D44 rear with minispool. Will be running 33x13.50 LTBs, right now have 32x10.50 TSLs
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BrettM said:
i hear longfield stopped making his D44 joints and is tooling up to make a different version from scratch rather than modifying a 760x. hopefully it is out soon and doesn't cost much more.

Thats the rumor from the man. Something about being made of 300m as well and I think that m at the end stands for "Money", at least when it comes to shafts ;)

Yea, from what i remember hearing there was another guy who was taking factory spicers and putting bronze caps on them, but was not cryo'ing them. Not worth it in my honest opinion. Just pick up a set of CTM's and be done with it. You can always sell them...
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