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MaXJohnson's ? about Atoms Bump Steer


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Colorado Springs
MaX- the jeep was actually wrecked in the frount left corner when I bought it. The symptoms are if I hit any bump of any side the steering wheel turns right and left. I have changed tires and that does nothing. All ball joins seem to be in good repair and tight. When I put weight on the frount bumper the steering wheel moves to the right. Is this bump steer?
Your LF damage might explain why the shop wanted to install the offset balljoint. Sounds like the damage continued into the wheel and tweaked the axle a bit. If that's the case, you probably should go with their suggestions. You might also want to take measurements between each side of your front to rear wheel centers and also diagonally to make sure the axles are square to each other and to the frame.

I still think what you described in your previous post was axle tramp or shudder. When hitting a bump, the up or down motion of the wheel is translated into wheel shimmy. This shimmy motion would normally be dampened by tight steering components. Since your's isn't, I'd be checking tie-rod ends, track bar, steering box, steering damper, wheel bearings, etc. Anything that would allow play in the steering.

Thanks- this sound more like my problem. Do you know any alighnment chains that would be good enough to help me diagnois this problem- because I cant find anything wrong myself.
In colorado we have 4x parts, midas, brakes plus, and a good local shop called Buds Muffler.
Thanks again, Atom