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March Membership Drive 2024


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We are having our 18th annual March Membership Drive!! Our goal is 250! new and renewal NAXJA memberships during the month of March. Everyone who joins or renews during March will be entered into a drawing, if you join or renew by March 15th you'll be entered into the early bird drawing, more chances to win, plus we're having a chapter contest to see which chapter can have the most new and renewal memberships. In celebration of NAXJA turning 25 years old in 2024, NAXJA memberships are now $25 a year across the board!

March Membership Drive Raffle

NAXJA will be giving away 3 different prizes this year. Keep an eye here for the prize list, there is something in here for everybody. Everyone who joins or renews their NAXJA membership during the month of March will be automatically entered into the drawing. Once the final membership numbers have been tallied, we will draw to see who the lucky winners will be. Each prize will be purchased by NAXJA (or some partially donated) and shipped to the lucky winner directly.

Chapter Contest

We need all the help we can get from members and chapters to reach our goal of 250 new and renewal memberships. So, to make it more fun, we're again having a contest to see which chapter can bring in the most memberships, this will be percentage based so that all the chapters will have a fair advantage to win. The chapter with the most new and renewal memberships (percentage) in their geographical area will be the winner. The winning chapter will receive a prize announced shortly to be used in a drawing of their own, plus being known as the Big Dog chapter that kicked ass and got the job done.

Early Bird Drawing

If you join or renew NAXJA on or before March 15th, you'll be entered into the Early Bird Drawing. We have three prizes that you will be entered to win, plus you are still eligible for the three main membership drive prizes!

Celebrate NAXJA turning 25 years old!

Incorporated in 1999, NAXJA is 25 years old in 2024! To celebrate, all NAXJA memberships are $25 per year. That's right, something is cheaper in your life!

Please note: One membership per person to count toward chapter competition and for individual prizes.

So, if you are thinking about joining or renewing or know someone who has been thinking about renewing or joining there is no better time than starting March 1st or anytime in March!

click here to sign up or renew

The event starts March 1, 2024

Please note: If you renew in March, you will be entered into the drawings. If you don't expire til sometime in the future, your current membership will be extended. There's no reason that everyone shouldn't be signing up or renewing in March!
The March Membership drive is coming to a close!

We have a great selection of prizes that you could win just by joining or renewing your NAXJA membership!

Photo Mar 25 2024, 22 55 25.jpg

The BIG DAWG chapter prize: WARN VR EVO 10-S WINCH - 103253
There are THREE individual prizes:
Wet Okole - seat covers
Milwaukee 2767-22 Fuel High Torque 1/2" Impact Wrench

Click here to join or renew!!!

See this thread for all the official info: https://naxja.org/threads/march-membership-drive-2024-official-info-thread.1168015/

Please note: In regards to your current membership if it isn't expired yet. If you renew in March, you will be entered into the drawing. If you don't expire til sometime later, your current membership will just be extended. There's no reason that everyone shouldn't be signing up or renewing in March!
You may renew as many times as you want in March, but only one entry per member in the individual drawing and the chapter competition.
This event runs through March 31st at 11:59:59 MST