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Manual Electric Choke


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Whiteman AFB, MO
I installed a weber 38/38 dges carb on my 2.8 and absolutely love it. But the choke doesn't work. I don't believe it to be the carb I believe the problem lies with the ancient wiring on my jeep.
I am wondering if I can just wire the choke to a 12v source with an inline switch to run the choke manually. Anyone percieve a problem with this?
I'm a little confused on how the electric choke works then I guess. Do they need an outside source to switch them, such as a temp sensor, or do they switch on their own?
The one on my Ford truck has constant power when the ignition is on. When the coil heats up it opens the choke & evidently stays warm untill the ignition is turned off. I guess the residual heat from the engine must keep the choke open during a warm start. I have an aftermarket Holley but I believe the factory choke works the same way. The factory power source is the alternator. It didn't work right when I bought the truck, it stayed closed way too long & never did open all the way. I don't remember if I got the info from my Holley book or a shop manual but it drove me nuts before I figured it out because it's oposite of what you would expect. Most likely this is the way most electric chokes work.