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Lytle Creek Snow run Saturday 2-25

I was thinking Big Bear tonight.

I can take the wheels off of the Eclipse, and I'd have a sled.
Rick and I will be at the firestation in the morning if anyone wants to join last minute. Red tahoe and a black F150

If there is anything killing this place it is the inability to get picture hosting up.
And that can is still being kicked around. Much longer it's going to look like a hockey puck.
That poor can.

I guess you can call it "recycling", under which the beating of a dead horse becomes virtuous.
Just twist the knife a little more, why don't you.

We had a good time. I was amazed that we didn't even make it off of the highway but we still had a blast. It never stopped snowing while we were there.
Could not leave Wrightwood anyways.


This is our street. Like 5 feet in it.