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Looking at an '87 Needing Clutch and W/P


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It's an '87 4.0 I6 5sp manual. It just broke 200K miles and supposedly has run well and doesn't leak oil. He says it needs a clutch and water pump. It's also not driveable, clutch reasons, possibly the water pump leaking bad? How can I tell if it is just the clutch and not the tranny? Also, depending on how bad the water pump is, should I be able to start the engine? He made it sound like I couldn't, but I will find out for sure before looking at it. From pictures, it looks pretty clean, and worth $800 if those are the only two things wrong with it. I would be planning on doing the work myself, and this would become a trail rig for me. I've looked through lots of posts to get tips and what not, but I wanted to ask about these problems specifically before taking a look at it. Thanks for any replies.
water pump is easy to replace.

as for the clutch. if its just a bad clutch you should be able to drive, it will just slip or be tough to get in gear.

if you push in the clutch and there is no pressure, it could be the clutch master cylinder or the internal slave/throw out.

for thing to do is check the fluid level in the master. its in the engine bay next to the brake booster. if you push the cluch in and no pressure, check for leaks. if the slave is leaking, hydraulic fluid will leak ou the bottom of the bellhousing. if the slave is bad, the tranny needs to be dropped. if the slave is bad, it a good time to do the clutch and pressure plate.