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long arms


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york, pa
i know that this has been talked about many times over, need some info on long arm setups.
1) what length lower arms are being used
2) tubing dia, and thickness
3) what kind of ends (j.j. or heims)
4) are the factory lower monts on the front diff being used or are custom brakets being used.
5) is it better to use one upper arm or two

thanks, scot
My lower arms are 36" long, They are made of 2.25x.5 wall DOM, they have a jonny joint at the cross member and stock rubber at the axle. I am using the stock(but boxed) lower axle mounts and have two upper arms. I used the rubber bushings art the axle to deflect and lessen the wristing affects of using two upper arms(radius arms style). I have plenty of front articulation and have had NO problems with stock mounts.Heres a pic for ya, thats my brother and hes 6' 3"!!

It depends on where you locate your mounts,mine are 32" long mounted to the front side of the crossmember.They are 2" chromoly w/ RE joints on one end and factory rubber bushings on the other.See the pics