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lift kit/ brake flaring help


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Dayton, Ohio
HELP HELP am in the process of installing a 4.5 RE lift and was replacing the front caliper hoses. One was as always rusted/frozen ripped of the fitting aftermuch soaking with PB Blaster and every d**n thing else. Have tried the brake double flaring tool. no freaking luck. Also this is the passenger front and also unable to loosen from proportioning valve. HELP
I am in the exact same situation now myself.....I am turning over to the local mechanic to try the flair. I have the garage mechanic version flairing tool and it just won't let me get a good flair. I can still drive mine so maybe I'm not in as bad of shape as you. One option is cutting in for a single flair and run an adapter. Single flairs are less trouble.....let me know what you find out....
i had that happed but was able to use my at home flaring tool. it has not leaked for two years. what is wrong with your flaring tool does it not have the right size grove for the brake line. does it slip when you try to flare the line. make sure you are flaring a straight cut or it may leak. hth
Personally, I've never even been able to get a decent single flare out of the bar & yoke style flare tool.

Somebody here a couple of years ago pointed out to me that J.C. Whitney had a neat pliers style flare tool. As far as I'm concerned, for brake work, it's worth it's weight in gold.

appreciate all the empathy, If I could get the line off the proportioning valve I would be good to go and just change the line, BUT NO, can't ever be that easy. If It was a single flare I would be okay, but I need a double flare. John
John, I have a double flare setup out at the barn that's on loan from Adavance. I haven't been able to get it to work worth a crap though and went with single flairs on my junk. No problems so far. You're more than welcome to come out and grab it and give it a try though. I'll be out there most of the day, and if I'm not just ask Tony or my Dad to take you out to the barn. It's a red box on one of the gray workbenches.

I wish I had Jeff's tool, that thing is the shit.

heh heh got one from the "TOOL CRIB" in Dayton Ohio picked up on the way to a meeting just used it freaking awesome, hell now I'm looking for brake line to flare, not, but it worked great, brand is Master Kool. awesome. John Thanks for the emotional support
disregard previuos post, got the lines on and tested leaking like a sieve, tried single flares no luck, gues it's going back tomorrow Jeff do those pliers work?
rnmedic said:
disregard previuos post, got the lines on and tested leaking like a sieve, tried single flares no luck, gues it's going back tomorrow Jeff do those pliers work?

I'll put it this way.....

In May, I replumbed from the m/c to the prop valve (I put in an adjustable) and the lines all the way back to the rear drums. That's something around a dozen flares. I redid the first one 3 times (just a little practice) and the rest of them on pretty much the first try.

Over a month later, and I have not had to add any brake fluid.

Here we are.... J.C. Whitney flaring tool Get the double flare button adapters as well.
okay ordered from JCW, arrived last pm, only the adaptors, tool on back order, Dang, but got it fixed enuf to take to brake shop, hopefully in the am. John