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Let there be light!


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Oak Harbor, WA
Just installed BigOffroad's headlight harness - the difference even with old stock sealed beams is sooo much better. I'm going to upgrade housings and bulbs closer to Christmas.

Really recommend this mod!
useless thread w'out PICS!!!
useless thread w'out PICS!!!


I haven't upgraded my harness yet. But I run IPF H4s and IPF Fat Boy Bulbs.


The comparison is PER headlight. IE: the photo on the left is only ONE IPF. Photo on the right is ONE stock light.
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Yeah I didn't take "before" pics, so any "after" pics would be useless.

Ya'll are just gonna have to take my word for it...the difference is amazing.

Trust me...I'm from the Government...

useless thread w'out PICS!!!
What does this harness consist of?
Where does it run from/to etc?

Just curious. I've heard about these but don't "know" about them. Electronic stuff is totally advanced for me.....haha well not really. But seriously whats the skinny on these and why do they work so good. Wire gauge, rerouting?????