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Lens restoration???


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Other than finding someone who can 3D replicate a new one. My factory kick panel lenses are yellow/brown from heat dis-coloration. My only thought right now is to try and sand thru it but I'm pretty sure the burn area goes all the way thru!
I did not even reuse those when I put in the interior LED's that I bought from OneWayLight for my '00.
I don't think you are supposed to or would fit even if I wanted to.
The guys at OneWayLight are awesome.
I only bought there interior kit.
Overhead console, footwell, etc.
I pieced together everything I use myself for exterior lights.
Blinkers, brakes, reverse, etc.
Probably should have bought theirs. LOL.
Back to why they are awesome.
They contacted me through email telling me that they come to find that some of the lights in the interior kit I bought were not up to their standards. They sent me new ones.
For free. And to be clear they contacted me.
And I was not having any problems with what they sold me. MLOL.