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left turn indicator always on


NAXJA Forum User
I have a 89 xj, had it now almost 4 years, lh turn signal indicator is always lit up (dash indicator) I've replaced the bulbs, sockets on the lh side,provided new grounds and still stays on. all the lamps work fine. anyone have any idea? kinda getting annoying,especially heading into the forever winter darkness
Do you have wiring for a trailer?
Is this with the marker lights on? Check your left front turn signal (outside). The ground on the socket goes bad & marker light backfeeds thru turn signal filiment & dash indicator stays on. If this is the case replace socket.
Theres no ground at the bulb socket. Sometimes you can clean the socket , most the time I've replaced the socket..

I actualy have this same issue with my 89 also. but its not always, sometimes it stays on, sometimes it blinks fine. and others i can hear it blinking but the light on the dash dosent blink. so im really interested on a fix for this also =)