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Leaf Springs


NAXJA Forum User
Hey guys I'm looking for stock leaf springs in the TN/KY area that someone may be looking to get rid of. I can arrange pick up in the nashville up into KY area and thats what I'd prefer as trying not to pay alot on this. Condition dosent matter as what I intend on doing is adding leaves to my pack to build to hieght. I have my stock pack with 1.5" extended shackles and a superlift 3" AAL in it but my bottom spring, the smallest one, broke during the install, well actully it was cracked already. Well anyway I just want to add leaves to build up to around 4 1/2 total rear lift. Thanks Fred
i have a set of leaves apart that you can have with the stock front coils for 10 bucks plus shipping, im in area code 30106
I am trying my best to avoing shipping....where are you located? I won't be home untill OCT but I can possibly have my wife meet you somewhere and pick up.
im just west of atlanta off of the perimter south of 75 and north of 20...if that makes any sense...about 10 mins from six flags