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late 90's dana 60s


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i have an opportunity to buy one for 500 bucks. im going to look at it here soon. its out of a late 90s or a early 2000's f350. the guy isnt sure what year its out of. im going to make sure is not the dana 50 from the f250s. but i was wondering if theres anything i should know about this axle before i buy it. any weak spots, disadvantages over older models. and does anyone know how these mounts are attached to the axle? welded or cast? thank you!
Um the PO of my cherokee swapped in front and rear D60s. front was out of a 78 F-350 and the rear was out of a 99 E250 van.

The problem with the later (actually I think 99 was the cut off) was the went from 8x6.5 bolt pattern to a metric (thinking 8X 170mm).

but if you have to narrow it anyways it doesn't really matter because you need new axles. and I think all mounts are welded.
yea i know about the wheel pattern. thank you though. I just wasnt sure if they required different gears then the older models, or carrier wise i there's anything limiting the build of these axles. I had a lead on a dana 50 a few weeks ago, but i figured i wouldnt waste my time.
the late 90's and up 60's have pretty much nothing for axle tube on the DS side. be prepared to run coilovers or airshocks, as only a few people have tried coil buckets and pulled it off. itll have ball joints compared to older style kingpins, nothing against BJ's as theyre used in f250-450's and aftermarket 60's with good luck.
with the ds tube. is it casting in the way? or is it just that short? re tubing the axle isnt out of the question for me. i was just looking and some pics of the axle and i was wondering about that side of the diff. anyone here swap one of these newer ones in before?

edit**** i can see the webing getting in the way of mounts and what not.
you can cut some of the webbing outta the way and such, or you can just weld to the center section. dont bother with retubing it, either make it work or find another 60.
Because the diff is way off to the driver side, the axle will not be centered under the jeep. Not really a problem... just looks funny. Note the slanted springs.

Read all about it here: http://www.pirate4x4.com/forum/showthread.php?t=821561
Because the diff is way off to the driver side, the axle will not be centered under the jeep. Not really a problem... just looks funny. Note the slanted springs.

if anything, it has more clearence between the pinion/d-shaft and the tranny/oilpan. the only reason the coils are slanted in that pic is because the trackbar is not adjusted correctly and the whole axle is offset too far to the PS
500 is pretty cheap i you ask me. i cant find them for under 900. i know a guy who is trying to get a hand full for dirt cheap and for me he said 850. i might even buy it and sell it on cl for more.

500 is a good price for the newer ones, but the older ones can be had for less. i picked up my late 80's 60 for $200:greensmok
id pass..... find you a kingpin d60 and dont look back
The whole BJ vs KP agruement is kinda moot. both are strong enough and have been proven to hold up. KP does offer easier/cheaper high steer, although BJ high steer stuff is coming on strong.