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Just spotted this on ebay

naw that has bushwackers. we don't tolerate those here .!. :D .!.
Hmmmm ugly seat covers, stupid windsheild banner, useless flares, no name get stuck in the mud mud tires, lets not forget those horse power adding/engine cooling hood scoops, and last but not least the poser mud shots.. All in all could definately not be one of us... :)
hmm, glad I'm a member here and thats NOT my rig :) you guys are tough!

Must admit though something sounds fishy, why would the head gasket have been replaced already at only 85K miles??

Sure you could do it for the hell of it but why? its not really what I would call a 'normal routine maintnence' fix
That dude is on the Jeep forum.

He claims the hood was on there when he bought it.

Its an ugly one!
billyjp2 said:
SICK wheelin pic, those grassy hills can be pure hell

that's why he has his sway bar still, to smooth out the ride and improve cornering. geesh. :laugh2:
well, at least the hood scoops are funtional. ;)
Hey guys its an XJ. that alone should count for something. someone always has an opinion of what is good looking his is just different. so he has a mall crawler. I bet alot of people here would take it in a second. I wouldnt mind owning it. I dont see rust dropping off it like alot of the rigs I have seen have.

Althought that head gasket things is a bit odd. :eyes:
i'd buy it at the current bid price...its not a bad rig. The hood scoops dont do it for me but...