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Just got an ARC Welder, anyone got one?


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Scored an ARC Welder today, anyone else got one? It's 110vac(not sure of the output), so is this good for like a beginning welder?
Welding equipment is a totally "get what you pay for" deal. Best advice is to get the best machine you can afford.

Generally speaking, "most" 110v units are really light duty. They are capable of doing lots of things... as long as you don't outwork the machine, or overload the circuit that it's plugged into... Consider 1 minute arcs with 9 minute breaks.

Without guessing which unit you scored, (am assuming a small stick box) think about projects you can build from common junk... small pieces of joined scrap- and progressing to work tables, carts, & BS like that. Getting the metal surfaces to be joined "really clean" is a constant.
x3, grind then weld. Did it come with a brush hammer? If not then get one. Don't be surprised if you hammer a weld and find out it's 80% slag. It'll be a good learning tool, so get a book and get busy!

Take your time and make sure that surfaces are clean. Dont rush the process. With any welding process you have to have your amps set right so it might be helpful to pick up a book, and practice, practice, practice!