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July 18-20

Where are you thinking about going? Would it be another opportunity to wheel the stock longbed? I've got new brakes:doh:, and oughta have new tires too, but I'd like to get a full day of work in Friday.
I don't know where I will be going yet. Depends on who wants to go where. Maybe
fresno if those guys are up for something. Anyone wanna do Swamp Lake. I gotta miss the big one in Aug. Family Reunion in Maine.I am open to just about anything.

I may do Swamp, but not stay over night. Depends on how my mods are going. Need to fab up some LCA axle mounts, mount my Bilstiens and do my D44 and SYE. If I'm at a stop point in between them, I can go.

Mounts and shocks, then D44, then SYE. In that order.

If I go, need to start like at 8am at the Swamp trail head, unless you want to run it backwards.
Yes that was a great trip. My first too. Well that sounds pretty good to me.But I would stay and camp the night. Anyone else wanna go?

I may be interested. I’ll know next week.
How bout some trail requirements?
Bronco said:
I may be interested. I’ll know next week.
How bout some trail requirements?

Your rig would be fine for Swamp, as long as you got your rear ARB working. Rocker guards, unless your rockers are already mangled from MOAB. Good skids and tow points, spare front axles if you still have 260 joints. The basics, I think you have them all covered.
Well you got my rig figured out. I do need to get the ARB and rocker protection but I’m putting all my cash into another project right now. So the question is can I do the trip with one locker and not give my rockers any rock lovin.
Phil it sound like this ante the run for your stocker but if I go you would be welcome with me (no brother on this run).
If it sounds like my rig would be questionable on the trail we could go up and explore the trails around the east end of the Rubicon trail. There is a lot on the map over there and from what I saw last weekend a lot that can be done in a stocker. I could bring my canoe and we could shuttle our gear to the other side of one of the lakes and camp off the main drag.
I’m going to be out of town most all week but I should be checking E-mail Most of the time.
Bronco you don't need a locker for this trip. I did it last year open open, 33's 6" lift with rockers. You should have rockers for this trip. I will be camping there and probably do Bald Mtn on Sun.

What kind of a trail is it? Is it similar to the con in that its obstacles are comprised mainly of loose boulders rather that say exposed bedrock. I’m trying to assess the risk of rocker damage here. I do have one functioning locker. Even better anyone have pics of the trails hard spots. That would give me a good idea if I should risk my rockers.
If it’s definitely a “you should have rockers” thing though just say so one more time and I’ll believe you.
This trail is much eisier than the rubicon. Last year a few people did it without rockers ,but I don't know how you are set up. Bald Mtn on the other hand doesnt require rockers,you could almost do it bone stock. It has a lot of alternate routes. I will defer to Chuck on the rocker portion. I believe he has done it more often than I.

broc...you'll do fine w/your set-up. rock rails are reccomened though,very nice to have. just drive wisely....

jt...did you call mom?? [socal forum...swamp lake thread] also...dusy/ershim aug 14-17
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Bronco said:
OK Chuck what you think? Any pics?

I'll try to dig up some pics, I don't have many of the sticky spots, didn't bring my photographer. I will tell you this, JT is right (since he doesn't have a locker) you can do it without a locker and you do have the front locked. As far as that goes, you'll have all the traction you'll ever need.

Rocker protection, When I went last year I had a sagging RC 3" lift and 31's, let's say I gave my rails a serious workout. I also did a number to my frame rails too. If you can put some on by the 18th do it. I have the C4x4 and they are really good, but I know you can make your own, better and cheaper. Also, your going to eventually get them since you want to protect your rockers anyway.

If I had a 4" lift with 31's, my frame rails would have cleared a lot better and I would not have been banging so much, Swamp like the Con has many diferent types of rock, but Swamp doesn't have the drops, but it is a tight trail in the sticky spots, and you don't have much of a choice of a line.
Ok baring the unforeseen I’m in. Phil we should meet up in Sac and drive down after Work on Friday. Let me know if you are in. how bout some more details of the plan Where can we camp? Anyone…
I will be going up Fri. mid morning or early afternoon. I will be camping at the usual spot so if anyone wants to meet me there I will have the fire burning. Oh and always a cold tasty beverage.

Anyone staying for Sun. maybe do Bald Mtn or one of the other trails out that way.