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Jegs anyone?


imma honky

Just wondering if anyone has ordered from jegs? A friend sent me there for replacement screws and bolts....but I dont know the sizes and such. Most (95%) of my stuff is rusted or just plain nasty ass looking.....any help?
I've ordered from them before. They seem to have a larger selection of roll cage goodies and hard core drag race chassis parts than Summit does. Good company to do business with,IMHO. :thumbup:
i've bought lots of hot rod stuff from them... no jeep stuck though... pricing is about the same as summit but a larger selection.
if you are just looking for nuts and bolts, I suggest finding a hardware dealer in your area such as http://www.lawsonproducts.com/website/main.nsf?Open
or whom ever it is that supplies the local garages with thier hardware. I think that other mail order places like McMaster and Grainger also have a large selection as well. Just put in a search for them online and you will come up with something.
I'm with Moto, if it's just nuts and bolts use the supply houses. For anything speed related, go to Jegs. I live about 1.25 hrs. away from one and visit them quite regularly. The fact that we race helps out with the frequent visits :D