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Installed coils spacer, shackles and C4x4 rear.


New member
There are always questions regarding installing a BB on top of an OME suspension, so in an effort to answer just those questions I went ahead and did just that.

I bought some 2" coils spacers and managed to find some 1.75" Teraflex shackles ( new ) for cheap. Pics are at my site
( http://xjeep.rockcrawler.com ) and yahoo http://briefcase.yahoo.com/bc/aaron...w=l&.src=bc&.done=http://briefcase.yahoo.com/ )

I had to drop the brakelines in the front about 2-3" and the rear will be dropped temporarily with a bracket tomorrow. ( Stainless lines are in the future). All the info on the jeep is at the site so I hope it can answer most of the questions, if not feel free to ask.