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FS in NJ: 2001 XJ 60th Anni and 1999 XJ part car


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Thinking about selling the XJ along with the parts car

The 2001 60th anniversary:

Currently has 190000 miles.

Runs strong and has tires with less than 1000 miles on them (Hankook AT2). it has a 2.5 inch Rough Country lift and stabilizer. There is a check engine light for an evap leak and the exhaust is leaking. The plan was to take the newer and better parts from the 99 and put it on this one but it doesnt need much. i removed the headliner and carpet to add lightening (haha). I've taken it offroad locally a few times where its a champ. the usual surface rust and dings.

The 1999:
By chance, I picked up this car when it was hit in the rear passenger side outside my parents home. the frame is gone but its got almost everything else. Its got 160000 miles on it if that matters. Axles look fine, wheels are good with 6-7 year old coopers and none of the glass is broke n. The engine was good and running but i started removing all of the accessories when i thought i was going to part it all out and just keep what i wanted. it has a hitch on it but i dont know if it was damaged at all in the crash. No title for this but it does have a key.

My hope is that someone buys both so i can move onto my other projects. would need to tow the parts car. AAA took it for me no problem.

Looking for 3500 or any reasonable offer.


1999 Parts car: