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I can't get my neutral safety switch off

i just removed and cleaned mine last weekend and yeah i was harder to get off than i thought (took about 45+ minutes to get it off) i followed a number of online sources but mainly this one http://go.jeep-xj.info/HowtoNSSrebuild.htm

i did what all the writeups say (ease it off with a flathead and restrict rotation) but i wedged it from a number of different angles and locations behind and kind of on the sides of the NSS casing in addition to pulling with one of my hands. just be careful when wedging because of the cooler lines near by. i ended up using 3 different lengths flatheads to fit in the various spots

hope this helps

btw (this is just a consideration) does anyone know if some sort of puller could be used or is there not enough room?
It helped me to spray it with PB blaster or WD-40 and let it soak for a while. Mine was really corroded on and prying under the big retainer nut did not work for me.

I had to use the screw driver method. I actually took one of my junk screwdrivers and put a slight bend in it to act as a pry bar. It was frustrating, but it finally broke loose.