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How much will it cost?


imma honky

I have a chance to get a perfect donor tranny for 50 bucks. It was cleaned, and the guy said the fluid was still good when it was drained. BUT, i don't know if it is working condition. My question is, is it worth $50 and a 10 hour drive? If it doesn't work, how much time and money am I looking at to fix it so it works good. TIA!
It's probably worth $50, even if it turns out to be spare parts. Is it worth a 10-hour drive? That's a personal decision only you can make.

As to what would it cost to make it work? Nobody -- probably not even God Himself -- can answer that without knowing what (if anything) is wrong with it.
I got the reply. He said it was a parts car he bought and does not know 100% if it runs or not, but he said when he dropped the pan the fluid was bright red and there was no rust or metal shaving inside. Still worth it?
Where is it?
He cant ship it? I'd pay $40.00 for freight over driving 10 hours any time.....
Its somewhere around thealabama/georgia border. I don't mind going to pick it up b/c if I do, I can drive straight through to see my Gparants in florida since it is only like an hour detour.
If you come near ocala I have a spare that was in a running mj, the odo stopped at 102K and no idea how many miles are on it.. Felt good. Also good pit riding near I75 in Ocala. If you happen to be in the area. :)
I have decided not to buy it. If anyone else in the area is willing to drive to pick up OR willing to pay shipping costs, pm me, and I will give the guys email. It is located somewhere around Georgetown Ga/ alabama area.
"JEEP CHEROKEE 4.0L 4WD AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION. Item pulled from 1990 model Cherokee Laredo. Unit has been pressure washed and degreased. Fluid has been drained for shipping. Fluid was still clear and bright. Turns freely. Estimated crated package will weigh about 130 lbs and will measure about 26” x 14” x 14”. Ships from Georgetown, GA 39854." This is what the post said, so I believe so....