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How much lift


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I bought a sweet 93 XJ. It was a theft recovery so I have no history on the vechicle. It is lifted, and as far as I can tell, most all the parts are Old Man Emu. I was under the impression that OME lifts are a soft ride. I don't know how much lift I have. I'm guessing 3" cause it clears the 31" tires good and it"s not alot taller than my wifes Grand Cherokee. Is there a way of telling? Also, it's a real stiff riding lift. The shocks are long enough, but the sway bar links are the stock ones. Could this be one reason that it's so stiff? Is there a good economical sway bar disconnect? As stiff as it is, do I even need the sway bar?
If its stiff it may not even be an OME kit (check the rear leaf springs for a number starting with OME) unless the shocks are valved stiff. There are some sites that show you how to extend the stock links it will help the ride. And just get rid of the rear bar as it doesn´t do much, but only if you arn´t towing with it. I have a OME system and got 2¨ from the springs alone, but I added 2¨ spacers up front and longer shackles in the back for a 4¨+ total lift. Most OME lifts are only 2¨ the heavy duty springs that they now sell are 3¨.:repair:
To confirm the amount of lift, measure from the center of the wheel (axle centerline) straight up to the lower edge of the flare lip. The "stock" dimensions are 17-1/2" front and 17" rear.
With the measurements you gave me, it figures out to a 3", 21" in the front, 20" in the rear. Couldn't find any numbers on the rear leafs, no blocks back there and the shackles look stock, even though I don't know the measurement of a factory shackle. Did find an OME part number, or tag, on the front coil, part #E930
thigh19 said:
P.S. I don't plan on wheeling this, I have a rock crawler for that. Just nedd it to look and ride good.
You have a rock crawler but you dont know SQUAT about Jeeps??????