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How do I remove security system? 91 Briarwood

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Hey All, I just picked up a 1991 Cherokee Briarwood that had sat unused for several years. I'm going to do a light restoration on it. It's a beautiful, unmolested Cherokee that has never been modified. The previous owner warned me that someone attempted to steal it in the past and "damaged something with the column or under the dash" so that the security system is activated and won't let it start. It's been sitting in their driveway for a couple years.

As soon as the battery is connected the lights flash and a buzzer goes off in the cabin. The "SECURITY" light on the dash flashes as well. The horn would probably honk too except it doesn't work. (Probably disconnected due to this issue).

I'd like to completely deactivate the security system. Do any of you know how to bypass it or deactivate it?

I searched and saw some vague references to grounding a green wire with an orange tracer and maybe disconnecting a module above the steering column but I've not found much else by searching.

Any help yall can offer is greatly appreciated.

As a little background, I've never really been active on here before but my brother has. I've been a Jeep Cherokee guy for over 25 years. I started out way back on the XJList circa 1996, then Jeeps Unlimited and then Pirate4x4 for a long time until it started to suck. I have a 1990 XJ with a 4.6L stroker that's lifted, locked, etc. I'm also working on an 88 MJ with a 5.3L chevy V8.

I should probably know all about how to fix this issue but my 1990 Pioneer XJ, nor my brothers 91 XJ, nor the 88 MJ had this security system on it so I've never encountered it before.
One post I found was:

"If this is the "Factory Alarm"...........
Unlocking Driver, Passenger or Rear Gate with Key or Factory Remote, will DisArm the Factory Alarm

You can also Ground the LIGHT GREEN / ORANGE (-) wire in Driver or DARK GREEN / ORANGE (-) wire in Passenger Kick Panel / Door Harness (harness that goes into the door

This will DisArm the Factory Alarm until the Ground is removed
The GREEN / ORANGE (-) wire is also found in PINs 9 & 15 at the Alarm Module"

Perhaps this has more detail than you found.
Update: I tried touching a grounded probe to the one of the contacts in the wiring harness from the drivers door and the system stopped buzzing so I think I've identified the wire. I'm going to hold off on wiring in a permanent ground until I've tested it more.

I had to completely replace the fuel system on this baby so until I get my new tank and fuel pump installed and checked out I can't tell if this thing is actually trying to start. I may also have to replace the injectors which is another complicating factor.

I'll post back here with my results.
Final update - Thanks to Saudade.
I put a ring terminal on a wire and attached it to a ground lug inside the left driver's footwell, then ran that to the wiring harness from the door and tapped it to the green/orange wire with a scotch lock connector. That solved my issue. Now whenever I disconnect the battery and reconnect it I don't have any alarm system buzzing and the Jeep starts normally.

Hopefully this helps anyone else who is trying to solve this issue.