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Honda Maintance Help


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I have a 97 Honda Accord that has a cv boot that is thrashed. How hard is it to replace this? Any links to articles?
IMO its easier and better to change out the whole axle. (youre gonna have to remove the axle when you change the cv boot anyways) I think theyre 50-60 bucks from your local auto parts dealer.

You're able to change them pretty easily, I believe its only like 2-3 bolts to get the hub outta the way enough to be able to slide the axle out
depending on how long the boot has been torn, all that road grime and debris is bound to make its way into the joint itself. It would be a waste of time and effort to put a new boot on it, only to have it start clicking like an old mans hip 3-4 months down the road.
my 08 labor guide gives 2 hours for the drivers side of a 97 accord w/ a 4 cyl 4 door.
Napa wants 54 bux for a whole shaft.
I own a moblie mechanics buisness and can help you out with that. I work cheep for jeep people and i dont up charge for parts (again for jeeple). If you would like me to just get the parts for you at my cost let me know and i can price them out.