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High Idle Woes


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Berthoud, CO
- Cleaned IACV *twice* recently
- Both times b/c high idle
- Last time i pulled it (a couple months ago) it was perfectly clean
- Had a low idle recently (maybe around 450)
- Went wheeling last weekend
- Now have a high idle on start
- Jumps up to 1500 for a minute

Thinking maybe vac leak? TPS?

Any ideas?
Most likely one of those two. Any other driving issues? Tps will usually cause surging and bad shifting. Old vacuum lines can develop cracks easily.
What have you tested, and what are the test results ?
Yeah I have noticed the shifting seemed a bit funny lately. I'll pick up a new tps for it.

It's only doing this on start up, which makes me think not vac leak related. Cruise has been working great too.
You should include your year at least in your profile, if not in every post!
^ Agreed, I'll update that. This is all regarding a '91.


- Added new TPS from NAPA and problem is solved
- However, don't like the new shifting in cruise
- Kicks down a gear too soon

Also, a note: I had replaced this TPS about 6 months ago. I think the unit was from Oreily's. So, lets see how long the NAPA piece holds up. It was about $90 so it better last.