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hey new here

rust bucket xj

NAXJA Forum User
allentown pa
Well i am new to this forum but not to jeeps... If you ever head to jeepin.com i am xjfanatic. anywhoo i had been meanin to join here ever since about i dunno 2 or 3 months ago when one of you guys came runnin up to my xj at the first union at the whitehall mall in allentown pa.

wondering how many of you are from my area?

oh yeah my xj

rustys 305sts lift with the full packs, 31x10.50 mud king xt's, skid row t-case skid, tow hooks, light bar, full size spare on factory roof holder, tj flares, swaybar discos the whole like
Welcome, I've seen a few around, usually headed the other way up 145 as I'm heading into allentown. I'm up in effort, other side of blue mountain.
Seen the signs but don't have any customers there so I am not familiar with it.
there is wheelin in nesquehoming!! thats bout the closest place i got for free wheelin to here in allentown. let me know if ya ever wanna go
I use alot of the powerline and gasline right of ways, not so much for offroading but as an 'alternative' method of getting home :D It also relaxes me after a tough day to cruise on the trails, stop and take pics or just pull over at a senic spot and read for awhile. Very rarely are they shortcuts timewise. My son who has a YJ has found some pretty neat areas that I never even knew existed to get to hunting and fishing areas that he and his friends found with my topo maps, not restricted either, actually open just not advertised.
I was down at lehigh valley mall this morning and noticed a lifted red XJ parked all by itself away from all the other vehicles near grape street, I figure the owner works there cause thats where I'd park to minimize dents.
hey not my xj... but i know the one you are talkin bout and yeah the place in nesquehomin is a hunting place/ wheelin place wanna go wheel sometime?? i am always lookin for people to go with we could meet in the little diner in jim thorpe right at the light. let me know if you got aim my sn is peasantboy12
just checked the map it would be pretty much a perfect split for a middle difference... i prolly could get my neighbor to come up in his tj.... you werent the one at the mall that came up and told me to join this place where ya? i have a red xj. think the guy was drivin a small ford car?