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Hey lawncher...


Be patient, young Skywalker. Lest you forget, I'm getting married in less than 2 weeks with a honeymoon to follow. Then I have very little time to get my fuel pump changed out for the Mass trip, and then the Paragon alternative to Tellico. Consider some time in late July.

Also, perhaps an obsolete BBQ propane tank or a used fire extinguisher would make a nice air tank. I'm sure you are capable of assembling a manifold to accomodate all the fittings necessary.

I don't know what kind of OBA setup you're looking run with but my local shop sells 80cube nitrogen tanks for like $80. Fit that with a valve($10), and a high pressure regulator($70), you have lots of air for $160. It's dry won't cool down like co2, and you can run any pressure from 0-3000(or whatever your tank is rated. I'm doing the same just have to scrap the cash together for the damn regulator.
I picked up a 5 gal. tank at Ames when they were on sale the other week. I had to change the fittings to adapt it to OBA use, but for $15, I feel like I made out on the deal.